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he is sooo hawt :D

i suppose people find this garbage fascinating?

 1. Cobe ----My boyfriend!!! buy lexapro check my entry for light it up contest click my channel open the egg ..i can't see you..... lmao.... buy lexapro it's like a balance. When you don't have enough talent you have to do stuff like this in order to get people's attention. who the hell is talking? they sound lame as f**k

Afflicted with or exhibiting irrationality and mental unsoundness: brainsick, crazy, daft, demented, disordered, distraught, dotty, insane, lunatic, mad, maniac, maniacal, mentally ill, moonstruck, off, touched, unbalanced, unsound, wrong.

.... Post this in every video and lets start a youtube riot!
Well no #1 looks like u suck geohot can spit haha i gotta get ya on track bruh haha >.< WATCH IT NOW! Fucking ugly bitch, I hope she dies buy lexapro here here a piece of advise: i dont really care. the video is weird already. and i wasnt at the exact place so i dont have the right to judge. but once again, do i care? no. as long as she looks fabulous. buy online viagra viagra From iphone/ipod touch to ps3 geohot is amazing buy lexapro Freè Ãpple ïPhone Hey Gaga, Express Yourself! buy lexapro she reminds me of an annoying little kid who is looking for attention. who will do anything to get noticed. This and the costume changes are ridiculous, just begging for attention. Also it's the GRAMMY'S!!! go do that shit at the teen choice or something not at the Grammy's, embarrassing if you ask me. She should realize and understand the company she's in. Pathetic... Grab Im behind you Err, Sony -did- patch. well i didnt say i am talented. and i didnt judge how not talented was gaga/other artists. i had big expectation for someone who said lady gaga has no talent. like you know.. if i say i can sing better than you, of course you expect for me sing waaay better than you. in this case, you are not so talented. your talent cant back you up in this conversation. call me talentless :) cause i was born this way. buy lexapro To me Gaga's always seemed the lovechild of Marilyn Manson and Madonna. Type in “URBANNEWSNOW VALENTINE” and WATCH NOW what the **** kind of ugly ass bird was unfortunate to lay that egg? Lol dino egg. * * WATCH * *


buy lexapro
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